Short Films

Trivedi Ji | Short Film

An actor stuck alone in her Mumbai home during Covid-19 Pandemic and her relationship with her plant.

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BoysToys | Pleasure is legit

How a middle class Indian family handles a taboo and faces legalities. (Sex toys are illegal in India. Selling sex toys is a punishable offense under section 292 of Indian penal code, as sex toys are considered an “obscene” product. Besides sex toys, any book, pamphlet, paper, writing, drawing, painting, representation, figure or any other object, is by the way also considered obscene by section 292 if it is lascivious or appeals to the prurient interest. The punishment for the offense is up to two years in prison. )
Cast-Anju Jaitley, Bhupesh Pandya, Sadanand Patil, Sanjeev Jaiswal & Rachna Gupta
DOP & Editor-Arun Verma | VFX & Compositing-Amar Rao Tailang
Background Score-Milind Trivedi | Foley-Rishabh Sinha
Sound-Recordist Narender Kumar | Properties-Nihal Kardam
Post Production-Sachin Sharma | Creative Producer-Vivek Saxena
Asst. Directors-Rishabh Sinha, Pradeep K Yadav
Writer & Director-Rajesh Tailang

F*MALE | Meaning of a single woman

Neha a drama teacher in a school, slice of her life just after separating from husband.
Cast-Vartika Tiwari & Ram Ji Bali
DOP-Zahir Abbas Naqvi
Editing and Sound-Arun Verma
VFX, Compositing and colorist-Amar Rao Tailang
GFX and Titles-Payal, Rishabh
Production and Publicity-Vivek Saxena
Associate Director-Sachin Sharma
Written and Directed by
Rajesh Tailang


AJAR | A slightly open door

A young married woman named Gudiya calls her widow mother in an unusual time, late night. She wants to join a short term beauty and make up course because she feels bored in afternoons. By the end of phone conversation we get to know the real reason of her want.
Actors- Swaroopa Gosh, Aparajita Dey
DOP and Editing- Arun Verma
Associate Director- Sachin Sharma
VFX and Colorist- Amar Rao Tailang
Background Score- Jazzy Jazz
Title and Poster- Payal and Rishabh
Production and Publicity- Vivek Saxena
Written and Directed by
Rajesh Tailang

Between | Last time they met | Poetry

Rohit and Riya think this is the last time they are meeting. But mostly last meeting is never the last meeting…..Some things are better unsaid in love and poetry. This short film is based on one of the poems of Rajesh Tailang, titled “दरमियान”.
Cast -Aakash RK Dahiya, Suparna Krishna & Rajesh Tailang
Sound & Editing-Arun Verma
DOP-Pushpraj Gunjan
Associate Director-Sachin Sharma
VFX, compositing and colorist– Amar Rao Tailang
GFX and Poster- Payal & Rishabh
Production Controller- Vivek Saxena
Written & Directed By
Rajesh Tailang

Within-Without | Alone but not lonely | Poetry

Theatre Talkies first short film “Within-Without” of its series on short films based on poetry. This is based on Rajesh Tailang’s poem “मेरे साथ”.Released on 8PM IST, 2nd Nov. 2016

Right Perspective | Gandhi’s Vision | Swachh Bharat

One day I was travelling with my 7 year old son. At a signal my son saw a “Clean India” billboard on the road side. He asked me why there is Gandhiji’s Spectacle on the logo. I asked him back “you tell why it is there?” He thought for a moment and then replied “ Papa I think Gandhiji always used to talk about cleanliness…so perhaps it is his vision” I smiled and said you are right beta. But the thought stuck with me. When I came across this “Swachh Bharat Short Film Festival” This thought again come to mind. Hence this film came into existence. Gandhiji, his spectacles, his vision and kid were the key words for me to develop the idea. I think until and unless we change our perspective about cleanliness, our acts will be accidental only. They will not be everlasting and part of our habit. All the time we are throwing garbage on the road. We don’t bother to look for a dustbin, which might not be far away. Somehow it is our habit we don’t register a dustbin. The moment we change our perspective we realize there are lot of dustbins all around us eating dust. So perhaps seeing through Gandhiji’s spectacles will change our mind set and make Gandhi’s India clean. Not to forget it is Clean India Mission’s logo also.
Rajesh Tailang